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Here's a thoughtful gift idea for the fisherman in your life! Preserve your friend, father, partner and your own peace of mind while he is away fishing. Englands Doctor's Jacket is the perfect gift, providing the ultimate in lightweight fishing jackets, with an automatic personal floatation device (pfd).

Fladen Flotation Suits and Jackets

fladen flotation suits     fladen flotation suits     fladen flotation suit

Ideal for warmth and protection when sea angling from boats or shore.

The lightest suit on the market! A very affordable Floatation suit that does not compromise safety. Same extreme bouyancy as the other Fladen Rescue System suits.

ISO 15027-1: Immersion suits: Tests for protection against hypothermia and demands for visibilty.

Is tested against current regulations for Floatation Garmets according to EN 393.


From 114.99 with free UK shipping from Fly Fishing

Englands Survival Waistcoat

24 lives reported saved to date..

Protect your dad this fathers day and ensure their survival with these UK life vests which have won so many awards for safety, quality and design.

pfd for fisherman   automatic inflatable life vest

ENGLANDS FISHING WAISTCOATS and WADING JACKETS both incorporate an automatic life jacket.

From 252.00 with free UK zones 1 and 2 shipping from Fly Fishing

· Now made from Microfibre, the new Doctor’s jacket is 25% lighter than its predecessor, and as a result, is quick-drying.

· The lower half is detachable for deep wading or warm weather, whilst still retaining the automatically inflating life jacket in the top section.

· The unit will inflate automatically within 3 seconds of water immersion.

· certified to self- right an unconscious person.

Available to buy from this online store >>

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